Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow camping on site?

To be respectful to nearby Balmoral residents - our neighbours - we do not allow camping at the Balmoral Community Event Hall to keep the area quiet.

What is the hall capacity?

The Balmoral Community Event Hall is capable of hosting 65 people for a sitting event and 100 for a standing event.

What is the cost to rent the Balmoral Community Event Hall for an event?
  • $250 per day on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
  • $50 per day on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Discounts are available for community members. Contact the Balmoral Communication Association for more details.

Are we allowed to bring alcohol into the hall?

Yes, you are allowed to have alcohol in the hall, but you must have a license if you are serving alcohol. Information on acquiring a license can be found on the AGLC website.

What time does my rental start and end?

Rentals can start as early as 7:00 am and can go as late as 12:00 AM (midnight).

What is included in the hall's kitchen?

We have a stove, microwave, large double-door fridge, ample prep room, commercial sink, and coffee maker. Please bring your own plates, cutlery, cups, etc.

Does the Balmoral Community Hall have tables and chairs?

Yes. We have rectangular tables and black stacking chairs. Please contact the Balmoral Community Association for more information.

Do you have an AV system?

No, we don’t; however, you are welcome to bring in your own. 

How do I get into the hall?

We have a lock box to the right of the door. The code will be emailed before the time of your rental.

How do I ensure I get my damage deposit back?

If the hall has been cleaned based on the checklist we provide you, and there is no damage, you will get your deposit back.